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June 3rd, 2008 · No Comments · Uncategorized

  • Big court victory for fantasy sports leagues and fans. And just in time for Google to get in the game?
  • Online News Association Executive Director Lori Schwab has stepped down, ONA President Jon Dube said in an e-mail announcement Monday night. “During her time with ONA, the organization’s membership and conference attendance grew to record numbers. We thank her for her nearly two years of service and wish her every success,” Dube wrote. Tom Regan, who served as executive director before Schwab, has agreed to step in temporarily.
  • Jeff Jarvis on the “Golden Rule of Links in journalism” — “link unto others’ good stuff as you would have them link unto your good stuff. This emerges from blogging etiquette but is exactly contrary to the old, competitive ways of news organizations: wasting now-precious resources matching competitors’ stories so you could say you’d done it yourself. That must change.” Here.
  • Cyberjournalist: “A new report from Borrell Associates Inc. details how media companies shared the $8.7 billion spent on local online advertising last year and benchmarks revenues from more than 3,000 sites.” Here.
  • Amy Gahran has a Huh? Moment over the a new “E-Edition” from the Mercury News.
  • E&P: “More than 80 years of the New York Tribune are being digitized by ProQuest. People will have online access to Tribune issues dating from 1841 to 1922. Content during the early days of the paper included editorials by Horace Greeley that opposed slavery, encouraged settlement of the West, and more. The Tribune publisher helped form the Republican Party and ran for president in 1872.” Here.
  • AP study finds “young news consumers are overwhelmed with facts and headlines but have trouble digging down on in-depth stories” and that multitasking kept them from full engagement. Here. Alan Mutter’s take: “Get me an ethnographer, sweetheart.”
  • Free, real-time stocks go mainstream. Here.
  • Free WiFi at Starbucks, while we’re at it. Here.
  • “Wal-Mart looking to be the Wal-Mart of Classifieds.” Here.
  • Steve Outing on Wal-Mart classifieds: “I doubt that Wal-mart will impact Craigslist much in the short term; my hunch is that they have different customer bases that don’t overlap a lot.:
  • Interest seems to be kindling in Kindle. Here.
  • Steve Outing on “how newspapers need to figure out how to serve the increasing number of people who are dumping their print habit and halting subscriptions to the paper edition (and serve those for whom printed newspapers have never been a media choice).” Over yonder.
  • Morris Communications launches Where travel play. Here.
  • New phrase of the day: “Horizontal Microblogging.” Really.

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