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List o’ Links for Wednesday 6/25

June 25th, 2008 · No Comments · Uncategorized

  • Nifty new Facebook application from the gang over at The TakeAway lets you buy and trade stock in potential VP candidates. Here.
  • Google Snooze? “[W]hile news organizations continue to worry about what Google is doing to their business, the company is far from achieving the kind of dominant position in news that it has in other areas. Six years after its start, Google News appears to be stuck in neutral and struggling to keep up with rivals.” Here.
  • Google News: Hey, we’re not sleeping. Really.
  • Snail mail. Literally. Here.
  • A handy link if you’re writing about traffic.
  • Ken Doctor weighs on on what’s up with the Yahoo newspaper consortium, given Yahoo’s ongoing tumble down the hill of uncertainty. “The Google/Yahoo search ad agreement has drawn lots of comments over the past couple of weeks, but its impact on newspaper consortium members has gotten little attention. The deal itself, if implemented, won’t have much immediate revenue impact for newspapers, but its strategic game-changing impact could well present a new headache for the throbbing industry.” Full post.
  • Changes afoot f or Gannett’s ballyhooed “Info Center” newsroom data organizations?
  • Howard Owens offers some handy advice for journalists on getting themselves juiced SEO. Here.
  • The new “Default-O-Matic” from Newsosaur Alan Mutter gives a snapshot of “the degree of financial peril faced by 10 of the largest publishing companies.” He also coined a new word: “Defaultness.”
  • CUNY Graduate Schoo l of Journalism g ets $3 million grant to create a “Center for Journalistic Innovation. ” Explains Jeff Jarvis: “Our idea is to start an incubator to help support new p roducts, businesses, platforms, technologies, and standards from new companies — some that will be started by students out of my entrepreneurial journalism class — and big media as well
  • “I’ll take Speaking Of Silly Ideas For $500, please, Alex.”
  • How to write for the web.

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