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2008 Online Journalism Awards Finalists Announced

August 4, 2008;;; and named as finalists for General Excellence, Large Sites. For medium:;; Truthdig; and Small: Army Times;;; and

Full list here, including links to entries.

Winners announced next month at the Online News Association conference in Washington.

Squared was tickled to be one of the judges this year and thinks his colleagues (look for their names in the release) did fabulous and enormously thoughtful work not only in all the prep work needed in the runup to final judging, but also in the long hours holed up together in conference rooms whittling down the actual finalists.

Favorite phrase of judgeapalooza was from Meredith Artley of, with “Stuck-on Syndrome,” referring to entries that clearly were just print packages for which a few multimedia gee-gaws were “stuck on”¬† for online.

Ripped from the Reader | Links for Monday

July 28, 2008

+ Google News has new filtering options at the “cluster” level that let you see blogs or local stories. Here.

+ Another Google wannabee (started by former Googlers) with an even more ridiculous name — cuil. Here. ($@#$*& You Just don’t accidentally mistype and visit, a nice little Italian. . . .porn site).¬†

+ (And “$@#$*& You,” for good measure).

+ Ken Doctor and the power of positive thinking: “Does McClatchy’s announcement that it has almost reached the point that 50% of online revenues are online-only provide a new foundation of hope?” Here.

+ using EveryBlock to display stories geographically (“around the clock, around the block.”) Here and here.

+ cNET: Oodle to power relauched MySpace classifieds. Here.

+ Google throws Digg deal into a hole, buries it. Here.

+ Squared predicts will create a “Prediction Center.”

+ Neckwear you don’t need: “The custom CMS albatross.”

+ Steve Outing, sensible as usual: “We have to go beyond user comments as the sole means of interaction on news articles.” Here.

+ Squared typically nods off over print-newsroom produced web video newscast-ettes (they’re about as an effective use of the medium as would be having TV newscasts built around anchors holding up newspaper stories and pictures), but at least this one from the Star-Ledger and that officially launched today is trying a new distribution tack, with a Facebook app. And it’s got live Springsteen video.¬†Meantime, Jarvis likes the show, “but what I think is more important is bringing a new video culture into the newsroom.” .

+ Awesome data app: The Name Voyager.

+ Court reaffirms Fair Use of audio clips for criticism. Here.

Facts, Speaking for Themselves

July 26, 2008

  • Number of web pages in the first Google index in 1998: 26 million.
  • Number of web pages Google just surpassed: 1 trillion.

Source: Official Google Blog. (Note: The Google index isn’t 1 trillion pages; that’s just how many unique URLs it’s now finding, but not necessarily indexing).

Pix From ONA Networking in Chicago

July 26, 2008

Small but fun and successful Online News Association meet-up last night at The Billy Goat Tavern in Chicago for Unity 2008 attendees. Squared was co-host and made a delightful pest of himself with the camera. Click on image below for full Flash photo gallery in new window.

Click for full gallery

The Turnippy Knol

July 24, 2008

“NOTE: We sell steamcleaning equipment and don’t sell our domain!!”

That’s a note from the owners of Dutch manufacturer Knol on their site today, a day after Google launched its Wikipedia Wannabee “Knol” at The note is in English; the rest of the site, Dutch.

A quick Babel Fish translation seems to say, no duh, their site has been walloped, starting in December when the Google site was announced in beta. “In a short time we had got visitors from more than 130 land,” says. ” Fortunately was be able manage this the Internet site able and remained the site in air.”

Babel Fish translates knol, BTW, as “turnip.”

Says the site in Babel Fishese: “Now zul you think what are that with turnip make StoomreinigingsSystemen?”