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Passages, Part II

August 14th, 2008 · No Comments · Uncategorized

+ RealCities, which until the Yahoo Corsortium was the largest and oldest online news site affiliate network (yeah, mostly McClatchy-nee-Knight-Ridder sites, but some outsiders as well), has been bought by Chicago-based ad buying/selling outfit Centro. Press release, here.

+ Squared’s web host is pulling the plug on some history, telling subscribers it is shutting down access to FrontPage extensions and telnet in the near term. FrontPage was the WYSIWIG entree to web publishing for many of us in the earliest days while telnet, before that, was one of the geeky ways we crawled around the pre-HTML Internet. Eclipsed they are now, both. Onward, to WordPress, SSH et al. For now.