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The Turnippy Knol

July 24th, 2008 · No Comments · Uncategorized

“NOTE: We sell steamcleaning equipment and don’t sell our domain!!”

That’s a note from the owners of Dutch manufacturer Knol on their site today, a day after Google launched its Wikipedia Wannabee “Knol” at The note is in English; the rest of the site, Dutch.

A quick Babel Fish translation seems to say, no duh, their site has been walloped, starting in December when the Google site was announced in beta. “In a short time we had got visitors from more than 130 land,” says. ” Fortunately was be able manage this the Internet site able and remained the site in air.”

Babel Fish translates knol, BTW, as “turnip.”

Says the site in Babel Fishese: “Now zul you think what are that with turnip make StoomreinigingsSystemen?”